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  • Size (h w d): 36 x 24 in
  • Medium: Oil on Linen
  • Subject Matter: Portrait
  • Type: Painting


Meet Vyktor, another cyborg scout, but with mechanisms more sinister. Vyktor, with a body encased in Blue Titanium armor, is equipped with a unique headpiece, a contraption designed to pierce the ears of any subject and grant him the power to manipulate their every action, turning them into mere puppets of his machinated will. This headpiece, a symphony of intertwining metallic tendrils and neural transmitters, glows with an eerie azure light, representing the relentless precision with which it controls its subjects. Vyktor moves with a predatory grace, a stark contrast to Zylorin’s majestic demeanor, his every step is a whispered promise of dominion, an echoing threat to the free will of the cosmic entities he encounters. His existence intertwines with Zylorin’s, creating a paradoxical ballet of brilliance and malevolence, painting the cosmic canvas with tales of liberty and coercion, waiting to unfold in the vast, silent symphony of the cosmos

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